Stihl’s New Cordless Tools Hit Dealer Shelves

Stihl MSA 120-C-BQ chainsawStihl’s expansion of its handheld cordless-tool line, from one to three tiers, was among highlights of last year’s GIE+Expo, the trade show for makers and sellers of outdoor power equipment. We’d reported on the new products late last fall, noting that the products would be available by the spring. And this week, Stihl announced that the products have indeed made it to dealers.

The original battery-powered line, price-wise, was geared more toward landscapers than homeowners. That 36-volt line, made up of two leaf blowers, a hedge trimmer, three string trimmers, two chain saws and two mowers (with a third on the way), is now designated the AP line.

Seven New Cordless Tools
The new selection includes the 36V AK line, composed of a leaf blower, hedge trimmer, string trimmer and (shown above) chainsaw, and the 18V AI line. The latter products, a leaf blower, hedge trimmer and string trimmer, come with built-in batteries. The AK line is marketed toward homeowners; the AI line, condo owners.

You’ll find details of the three lines—with pricing of the tools and their batteries (AP and AK lines) and chargers—in the original piece. We hope to get in one or more of the AK line in the coming weeks for review…at least once we’re done with winter’s last hurrah.

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Don’t Try This at Home

For a homeowner with a chainsaw, it can be hard to judge when tree work requires a pro—which was the inspiration for our piece “5 Risky Chainsaw Mistakes.” Much of the hazard is that the average schmo cannot envision all that could go wrong, and the results of that naiveté can be devastating. The following video illustrates just how precise a tree faller can be in oh-so-tight quarters. And how even for the pros, no big job is without danger, judging from his reaction to the outcome.

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