What, No Abominable Snowman?

Stihl hedge monsterOutdoor power tools apparently aren’t the only things that roar to life. While checking out some product photography on Stihl’s website, we couldn’t help but notice some playful images the manufacturer had commissioned for its new AK cordless tool line. Playful, yes, but also fairly puzzling.

Stihl chainsaw monster

We’re not sure, you see, that the expressions on the faces of the humans shown here are quite appropriate for the occasion. These people look calm and unsurprised, as though great behemoths rose up from our properties every weekend.

Stihl string trimmer monsterAlthough we don’t recommend anyone attempt to re-enact The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, horror movies are a passion for Tool to Power. And no matter which company’s power tool we gripped while one of these beasts shuffled forward, we wouldn’t need much time to realize the product was a tad insufficient for the task at hand.

Stihl leaf blower monster

We would drop the tool—and run screaming into the night.



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