Two Generator Makers Hit with Recalls

Kohler PRO5.2, part of CPSC generators recall This hasn’t been a banner month for manufacturers of portable generators. Little more than two weeks after the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Healthy Canadians announced a recall of more than 7,000 portables from Kohler Power Systems, the CPSC and Mexico’s Federal Attorney’s Office of Consumer (PROFECO) announced they were recalling more than 12,000 All Power portables from J.D. North America, which markets the brand.

J.D. North America

The All Power recall, affecting models APGG6000 and APGG7500, involves fuel tanks that can leak and catch fire or explode. About 12,000 generators sold in the U.S. and 300 sold in Mexico, through Home Depot and other retailers, are part of the recall. If you believe you own one of these models, be sure to check your serial number on the CPSC notice, which includes instructions for owners of recalled models.

Kohler Power

Every portable generator comes with multiple power receptacles for direct connections, but in the affected models of the Kohler PRO3.7, PRO3.7E, PRO5.2, PRO5.2E and (above) GEN5.0, you could get a shock by plugging something into one of them. The wiring error involves about 7,000 generators sold in the U.S. and about 230 sold in Canada; all were sold through Kohler dealers and distributors. Check your serial number on the CPSC or Healthy Canadians notice.

Both recalls serve as reminders to register your portable generator, or any other powered product, when you buy it. Ignore the nosey questions about your schooling or income; do tell the manufacturer what you bought, when and where, and how the company can reach you if necessary—for just this reason. In the case of a backup generator, something you bought for your family’s protection could otherwise pose a threat.

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